Welfare of poor families:

It is the wisdom of God that to some He provide wealth and to some make poor and in both occasions He will test them, but the wealthy are more targeted and put under examinations and Almighty God wanted to see whether or not he (rich) will look after the poor and deserving and whoever he fails in it, he will come under God detention. If we look around, so many families are under distress and no one care for it even though the poor neighbors deserve to share a part of the wealth; and most of the rich failed to notice it. You just think that if you were in such a position and an upper class retreat from helping you at odd situations now you feel then. Therefore help the poorer families as much as you can and take salutation from them. Whoever rescues the people at the odd times; Almighty God will come to his aid at such a time and protect his resources and family and further relieved him from accountability on the Day of Judgment.

Come to assist us in our work and become Donation by paying only Rs. 800/ to 1500/ per month for each poor family and get their retaliation in the form of prayer. We are having the lists of hundreds of such deserving persons who are expecting our assistance. Dont make them regret, but pay your attention on them. For the time being we are looking after about 300 such poorer families.

You can Sponsor...

$ 20 to you can donate any desirable amount