Vocational Education and Training in India

(Introduction, Importance, Need and Future)

What is Vocational education and training?

Vocational education and training also called career and technical education, refers to the skill based education and training.

Vocational training institutes impart specific knowledge and skills for a particular trade. It pays full respect to his taste and aptitude and lays a solid foundation of his career.

Vocational Education and Training arranges practical training required for a calling in life. It helps the trainee to earn his livelihood by unfolding the latent skill of a person.

Importance of Vocational Education and Training

The world is changing fast. With the introduction of computer and internet new avenues of jobs are being opened up. In this new perspective the system of education deserves reorientation.

Vocational education claims utmost importance for higher academic education fails to bring the educated their daily breads. One of the important features of vocational education is that it is job-oriented. An increased number of good vocational training Institutes would open doors for students who want to pursue their career in a particular trade.

Considering the importance of Vocational Education and Training, the Babu Educational Society should encourage the youth to go in for vocational education that creates wider accessibility to vast and varied fields of employment all over the globe.

Need for Vocational Education and Training in India

There is a growing need for Vocational education and training programmes in India. Today, every corporate is looking for skilled employees. There is increased demand for skilled office secretary, typist, cashier, electrician, technician, carpenter, etc. The medical and hospital industry recruits a large number of nurses, laboratory technicians, etc. The recent surge in travel and hospitality industry has further increased opportunity for vocational training institutes.

Further, those students who do not get admission in degree colleges and universities, would go to vocational training institutes, where they could be trained as technicians, electricians, carpenters, designers, draftsmen, and the like.

It would reduce the crowd and rush for admissions for which a cut-off percentage can be reserved. Students who have an inclination to learn and excel, who want to be engineers, doctors, teachers, administrators, etc. would go into the general stream. They can choose the science stream or the humanities. The deserving students with the best results would go to the general stream for higher education.

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Scholarships for Vocational Training (Para-Medical courses such as X-Ray Technician, Medical

Lab Technician, Multipurpose Health worker, Physical Therapy technician etc)

Scholarships for Pre-Primary Teachers Training courses (Diploma & Certificate).

Computer training for jobs (CAD, Accounting packages, Hardware training ,PC Operating

System Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Graphic Presentations, Database Applications,

Electronic Mail, Office JOB and DTP WORK,HTML, DHTML, C, C++0)

Automobile Electrician course.

Drivers Education.

Tailoring and Embroidery training.

Mobile Repairing Basic courses

Vocational Training Institute:

This center will train unemployed youth in the following trades: Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Electrical Appliance Repair and Carpentry. Refrigeration & AC Technician training.

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