Self Employment by Animal Farming:

Income generating projects allow autonomy and self-sufficiency. They help families secure much needed income with which to buy necessary food and medicines.

Babu Educational Society believes in restoring dignity and self-respect amongst poor Muslims and has striven to provide countless struggling families with a means of generating income.

Income Generation schemes are a great source of Sadaqah Jariyah for the donor and lead to innumerable rewards. Many beneficiaries continuously send supplications of forgiveness for those who helped them start again.

The majority of the people Madina Educational and Charitable Trust Foundation helps are poor villagers who live in primitive dwellings such as mud huts without electricity. For such people, having a few animals could be a very good way of sustaining themselves for their own personal food as well as for profit and trade.

Poultry Farming: Five chickens and one rooster, or a flock of 25 chicks, are given to a family (feeding supplies are also provided). It costs $90 to start a small poultry farm.

Goat Farming: Goats are given to the poor in rural areas for milk and goat farming. It costs $300 for a pair of goats for a family to get started.

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