Following are different projects of babu Educational Society in need of funds:

$ 75.00 to purchase a bicycle for a social worker

$ 100.00 to purchase a sewing machine for the economic development of women in rural villages

$ 250.00 to purchase 100 dictionaries for high school students

$ 200.00 monthly salary for a social worker

$ 240.00 annually to sponsor a child/college student

$ 500.00 to conduct a free medical camp in one school, aiding approximately 200 children

$ 1200.00 to purchase clothing for 100 students

$ 1000.00 annually for a student studying nursing over a four year program

$ 1000.00 annually for a student studying engineering over a four year program

$ 1800.00 salary for a nurse for one year

$ 5000 or $ 10,000 or in any amount for babu Educational Society scholarship endowment Fund

$900 Marriage Support for a one girl

$5 to $50 Support Poor Students admission fees, text books, tuition fees, exam fees, hostel fees, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, stationery items, as well as a stipend which may range per month depending on local conditions and economic status of each student’s family.

$50 to $200 Job Skills Training Job orientated courses field of basic computer education, fitter, driving, Refrigeration, Mechanical, Electronics, Welding and Electrical etc.

$40 Widow/Orphan Support per month

$850 One Water Hand Pump installing a hand pumps at maximum depth of 130 ft. (40 meters), along with maintenance of the hand pump for 5 years. Plaque names of up to 30 characters are allowed on the pump. The construction of water well takes up to 2 months.

Self employment:

The majority of the people babu educational society helps are poor villagers who live in primitive dwellings such as mud huts without electricity. For such people, having a few animals could be a very good way of sustaining themselves for their own personal food as well as for profit and trade.

Poultry Farming: Five chickens and one rooster, or a flock of 25 chicks, are given to a family (feeding supplies are also provided).

It costs $100 to start a small poultry farm.

Goat Farming: Goats are given to the poor in rural areas for milk and goat farming.

It costs $220 for a pair of goats for a family to get started.

Small Businesses for the Poor:

babu Educational Society assists poor families and individuals to help them break out of the cycle of poverty by helping them set-up small businesses. Some of these efforts include:

• Giving a sewing machine to a woman for $100

• Giving a push-cart and supplies to start a street vending business for approximately $300

• Giving cash to set-up a retail shop for approximately $200 - $500

• Providing tools for various other professions (costs vary based on types of tools and professions)

To maintain the Transparency, our Society will give the Beneficiaries details such as Indian Adhaar Card, Bank Account copy, Group Photo of Beneficiaries etc... Will be submitted at your end.

We need active and generous support and co-operation from every individual of Ummah Morally, socially and financially. Kindly support by your Sponsorships and by introducing this project to your friends, colleagues and other philanthropists who may be interested in such a noble work.

May the Almighty Allah guide us, forgive us and continue to use us for this most honorable work, Ameen.

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