The high prevalence of disease in slum communities is often the cause of a lack of awareness, superstition, and social stigma associated with certain diseases. Many are not aware of simple hygienic practices they can perform to prevent certain illnesses, and others are unaware of the avenues they can pursue to receive treatment. To address these issues, Babu Educational Society not only links education, awareness, and empowerment with all of its projects, but also reaches out to thousands of families through need-based medical projects.

Health camps:

As an NGO, Babu Educational Society has prioritized three main needs for its target population: education, health, and nutrition. Fittingly, one of its most important projects is the Health Outreach Project, with the goal of increasing access to healthcare.

In order to accomplish this, we hold regular health camps in the community to screen and diagnose acute illnesses, offer treatment when possible and identify those patients who may need to be referred to specialists or the hospital for further care. These camps also help raise awareness in the community of the importance of caring for their health. Throughout the year Babu Educational Society/Foundation organize various medical camps such as General Eye, TB Awareness, Malaria Awareness, HIV Awareness Pediatric, Gynic and Dental Camp.

You can Sponsor....

$ 500.00 to conduct a free medical camp you can donate any desirable amount