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Marriage of poor girls (Individual and Mass marriage):

Local customs and traditions mount social pressure on parents, especially of the poor girls to fulfill a minimum arrangement of clothes, household items and a feast at the marriage ceremony. This is not always to be confused with dowry, but it is the minimum requirement for a couple to live independent of their parents. In case that the bride and the groom both come from a poor family, Babu Educational Society arranges group marriages in which expenses for the mass marriage ceremony are paid by the Society.

Once Nikah was sensed as sacred tradition today it is commercialized; as we come across many problems as in most of the marriages of poor girls. Some remain as Maiden throughout. Marriage is an important essence in a mans life, failing to adhere into; social life becomes hampering and loses virtues in the society. It is featured with destructive process and cannot restore even with pressure and drain away all its inspiration all along, effecting the very reputation in society.

Our Trust has come forward to rescue from this extinction and to retain the exposition of Islamic behavior in society and as such have domain the process of marriages among the poor girls. It is indeed a big task perhaps in the absence of your assistance it cannot survive and hence assist us generously and provide prosperity to the lots of deserving section through your donations. In this regard you will be getting the rewards not only of solemnizing a Nikah of the girl but secure you the rewards of sustaining one Muslim family and further retains the rewards in posterity. You take up the responsibility of conducting the Nikah of a poor girl and see how much Allah blessed you with all happiness in your life. For solemnizing one Nikah of a deserving girl about Rs.50, 000/ to Rs. 95,000 would be incurred. Our organization assists for individual Nikah and collective Nikahs. You join us to accomplish this arduous task.

To maintain the Transparency, our Society will give the Beneficiaries details such as Indian Adhaar Card, Bank Account copy, Group Photo of Beneficiaries etc... Will be submitted at your End.

We provide the following items to each couple in order to support them.

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Support us in helping poor people marry

Each Marriage’s cost is Rs.60, 000 / $ 950