Establishment of Madrasas (Makatibs)

There are many areas in and around the city where we were unable to find anybody who can lead the Janaza prayer and they are even not well versed with our prophet and kalima shahada. It’s common there to have marriage between prohibited relations and even they are in to idol worship. At that places there are no Masjid or even day time Madrasa (Makatibs) where they can learn the basics of Islam.

The Importance of Educating Children

Children are precious gifts from Allah (swt) and parents have been given the responsibility to make sure that they are educated according to Islam. If the parents of a child bring him up in righteousness, he will live happily in this world and the next and the parents will be rewarded by Allah for their good deed. But, if the parents neglect the child's upbringing and education, he will lead a life of unhappiness in both worlds and the parents will be punished by Allah (swt) for their neglect.

Project REED was launched in 2009 to provide education to rural communities in an Islamic setting. We have identified villages where either people have left Islam or have had no access to Masajid for generations.You can build a Madrasas (village school) there and provide imams/teachers, libraries, daily activities and arrange distribution of Qurans.

Alhamdulillah, the project has received a great response from our generous supporters.

Each location has a prayer hall, washrooms, a living quarter for an imam and a classroom. The Madrasas holds daily prayers, Quran lessons and other daily activities to bring a sense of community to the local area. This project also has a training program for imams and teachers. This way qualified instructors are assigned to each Madrasas so the entire community can benefit.

Once a donation for a Madrasa has been received, reconstruction and feedback for it will be provided within six months. You can also choose to have a plaque engraved into the wall of the Madrasa mentioning the donor's name, and you can also give the Madrasa a name of your choosing.

You can sponsor..

The cost of repairs/ reconstructions/ new constructions of each cases ranges between US $ 100 to US $ 95,000 depending on its Size areas. In cities, the cost increases due to high cost.

Current Appeal

Madarsa to teach and educate the many children who have missed out on the opportunity to learn about Islam. We need to Constrct at present 2(two) Madrsas at suryapet dist.Telangana State and 1(one) Madrsa in Ranchi capital of Jharkhand state India.