Babu Educational Society accept on way of gifts, donations etc., any movable or immovable, property movable and immovable from any individual or association, Trusts, Ngos, charitable societies, organization, government or social service agencies, philanthropists etc., including liquid cash, jewellery, units or securities.

We accept donations Check, D.D, online, NEFT, RTGS or direct Bank Deposits. All your donations /Contributions to Babu Educational Society India. It is a great Pleasure for all of us that the Government has allotted us the facilities of 12A; 80G and F.C.R.A... Babu Educational Society India Are Registered under Tax Exempted Section 12 A & 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 Government of India and also Registered Under FCRA, Act 2010, Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India for the help for the cause of up-liftment of downtrodden people in the Mother land

Spread a word: Help spread a word about Babu Educational Society among your friends.

Volunteer: Volunteerism includes striving for well-being of the neighbors, as well as the society at large. If you a doctor and would like to be a part of any medical camp do let us know. If you an architect/engineer and would like to help us with Babu Educational Society School buildings let us know. If you do business in something and you are ready to supply us things at cost to cost basis, do let us know. You are graphic designer and can help us with designing things, you are most welcome. If you are good at counseling, you can make yourself available to spending time with children. Any way you think your skills or resources can be used for improving our lot, in developing a better society, do let us know.