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  Hifz Sponsor ship Annual price $ 250
  Taking responsibility of paying the salary of one Imam in any village $ 250
  Constructing a Mosque in your name or in the name of your loved ones in any village.
  Sponsoring an orphan, sick or widow’s monthly stipend $ 250
  By taking the responsibility of Elementary School (Makaatib) in any Village Annual price $ 250
  Arranging Iftaar in one or more Villages in the holy month of Ramadan
  One village iftar community dinner provides for approximately 200 people $150
  Taking the responsibility of one or more village on the occasion of Eid ul Adha (Animal)
  For the education of 5 children for 1 year $ 500
  For the education of 1 child for 1 year $ 100
  One Goat / Sheep for Qurbani - $125
  One share in Cattle for Qurbani- $50
  Full Cattle with 7 shares for Qurbani - $350
  One Goat/Sheep for Sadaqah - $125
  One Goat/Sheep for Aqeeqah - $125
  By sponsoring a child for only $1 a day that is $30 per month,
  Donate Zakat/ Sadaqah for Scholarship with Just $30 per month
  Sponsor one school bag kit with just $10
  Sponsor school bag kits for entire class of 20 students with just $ 200
  Sponsor school bag kits for entire school of 300 students with just $ 3000
  You can sponsor a school uniform for one child with just $ 10
  You can sponsor a school uniform for 10 students for just $ 100
  You can sponsor a school uniform for entire school of 300 students for just $ 1500
  Will provide 5 children with a year's school supplies $50
  Will create a school library or outfit a school with furniture$500
  Sponsor a free Medical camp with just only $500
  Donate your Zakat and sadaqah for sponsoring the treatment of patients
  Donate Zakat and Sadaqah for Treatment with $50, $100 or Higher
  For a boy Aquiqah two Goats or two Sheep’s = 2 x $150 = $300
  For a girl Aquiqah one Goat or 1 Sheep = 1 x $150 = $150
  Fidiya $ 10 for each day fasting is missed during Ramadan
  Kaffara $10 for each meal and need to feed 60 people = $600
  The cost of each Food Packet is only $50
  Orphan & Poor Girls Marriages: Marriage cost $1000 only
  One village iftar community dinner provides for approximately 200 people $150
  Support a window with just $100 per month or any amount you wish!
  Donate Zakat-Al-Fitra $10 per person before Eid Prayers
  Sponsor a student with $50 for computer / Financial package Training!
  Sponsor a student with only $200 to get the training in driving
  Donate just $100 for Sewing Machine as a Gift on Your behalf
  Vocational Training Sponsor a student for 6 months training with just $50
  Women Tailoring Centers Sponsor tailoring Center with $6000 or (2 * $3000) or (3 * $2000) or (6 *$1000)

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