About Us:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

About Babu Educational Society [B.E.S]:

Society Reg. No: 4117 of 2000

Babu Educational Society [B.E.S] Manages

1. Madarsa Madinatul - Uloom

2. Madarsa Madinatul - Banath

3. Madarsa jamia kabaria

4. Madina Islamic English Medium School

5. Dar - Al - Arqam Islamic School

Under the Patronage of

Moulana Abdul Khadir Rashadi

Year of Estd. 2000
Total Land Purchase 8 Acres
Total Student in Madrasas 650
Total Makatib 34
Total Students of Makatib 278
Total Students in schools / colleges 900
Total Masjid Constructions 41
Land Purchase for Masjid 14
Repairing of Masjid 97
Total Teacher & Other staff 121
Total Tube well 850
Marriage support for orphan and poor girls 85
Self Employment programe (Rozgar) 175
Widows Support 158

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

We are happy to inform you about our Babu Educational Society [B.E.S], INDIA Registered under Public Societies Registration Act,1350 Fasli (Act 1 of 1350 f) (Reg No; 4117 OF 2000) .

A philanthropic organization called Babu Educational Society [B.E.S], INDIA is a legally registered, Non-profit, Muslim Religious, Educational, Charitable AND Social Organization with All India Jurisdiction for its activities; Babu Educational society India has been recognized by the Government of India.

Babu Educational Society, INDIA is a community based, independent and non-profit organization funded by contributions from the members of our community and some other voluntary organizations. Babu Educational Society, India is a no loss/no Profit voluntary NGO which is working for the upliftment of the poor down-trodden people in general and community in particular by improving their Health, Economic & Educational development. The Foundation bears its financial responsibilities by general public donations and society members donations.

As our society is working at National Level for last two decades and meeting various challenges across the country our BABU Educational Society involved in the works such as Construction and Establishments of Masajid, Madrasas, Makatibs, Islamic Schools, Vocational Training Courses, "Digging Bore wells" Repairs & Renovation of Masjid, Madrsas, Imam houses, Orphan Sponsorship, Ramadan Ration Project, Zakat Al Fitr Project, Eid Clothes Project , Sacrifice Project , Ramadan break-fast Project, Sehr and Iftar arrange, Widows Support, Drinking Water Project, Marriage of poor girls, Welfare of poor families, Hostel Construction, Free Ambulance Service, Kidney Dialysis Treatment, Medical and Eye Camps, Self Employment Program (Rozgar), Income Generating works.

It is a great pleasure for all of us that the Government of INDIA has allotted us the facility (permission) Foreign Contribution regulation Act F.C.R.A. Baring Registration Number: 368190009 for the help for the cause of up-liftment of down trodden people in the mother land.

Registration Number: 368190009

(Nature: Religious, Cultural, Economic, Educational, Social)

To maintain the Transparency, our Society will give the Beneficiaries details such as Indian Adhaar Card, Bank Account copy, Group Photo of Beneficiaries etc... Will be submitted at your end.

We need active and generous support and co-operation from every individual of Ummah Morally, socially and financially. Kindly support by your Sponsorships and by introducing this project to your friends, colleagues and other philanthropists who may be interested in such a noble work.

May the Almighty Allah guide us, forgive us and continue to use us for this most honorable work, Ameen.